Lesson 1: God’s Love

What do we really mean when we say we love someone? If only we understood the true meaning of love, we wouldn’t utter it so casually. To love is to have 1 million reasons to hate someone but still irrespective of all those reasons and all those flaws You tolerate, you persevere and you endure. As humans, it is only normal to want to protect the people we love, provide for them and care for them. How much more God our father in heaven, who loves us in ways that we cannot comprehend. Despite everything that you have done, you still kneel before him and ask for forgiveness and he forgives you, forgets your trespasses and wipes all your sins away. The love of God supersedes all things and nothing can compare to it. Think back of all the things you have done and if you were God, would you forgive you, tolerate you and would you persevere for you . The answer is No because you would probably get tired of getting hurt over and over again. But God has never gotten tired of us irrespective of whatever we have done he has always led us back to him and welcomed us with open arms.

I want you to believe that irrespective of whatever situation you’re in and whatever you’re going through right now that there’s no problem, there is no issue that is too big for the love of God and all we have to do is just believe!

Quiet Time verse: Ephesians 3:14-21

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