Lesson 3: Your grace !

The month of March was indeed a terrible one for me. It was like all d troubles i was to face in the following months came at once. I lost a huge amount, failed some courses, made terrible decisions…. it was so bad that i fell into depression. During that time all I could think is why? And as the weeks passed, i knew why.

Most times everything bad that happens, happens to teach you something. But what’s more important is what comes afterwards, the temptations, the choices…they are all lessons except that you write them. That month taught me forgiveness… it was hard but i had to let go and let God…When something bad happens or something didnt go as planned….just go on your knees and thank God…Because it could have been worse but God had mercy. Rather than complaining about what he didn’t do, thank him for what he has done. Maybe you didn’t get the promotion but you kept your job…You wanted an A but got a B…it could have been a D or F but God had mercy! Next time any bad thing happens, think of a million ways it could have been worse and thank God.💪🏿

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